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Vehicle Shipping

RunBuggy is the largest and most secure automotive transportation platform in North America. Move your car in confidence with guaranteed pricing and personalized service.

Collector Car Insurance

Hagerty is not just the world's largest provider of specialty insurance for enthusiast vehicles: they are all-in on the automotive lifestyle dedicated to the love of driving. Hagerty is home to Hagerty Drivers Club, DriveShare, Car Values, Hagerty Drivers Club magazine and MotorsportReg. Hagerty also helps keep car culture alive for future generations through youth programs, support for Historic Vehicle Association, and the RPM Foundation. For more information, call 800-922-4050 or visit Hagerty.com

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Most classic and vintage cars just need a little more attention. With their vintage vehicle inspection package, Lemon Squad takes a careful look at all the details that are really important on older cars such as signs of rust or rot, bondo, older repairs, and any prior or hidden damage.

Buying & Selling Online

Escrow.com is a licensed and regulated escrow partner for your vehicle purchase. We act as a neutral third party, that helps monitor and transact the exchange of the money and the vehicle. Our service ensures that both the Buyer or Seller receive equal levels of protection throughout their transaction.


1. BUYER & SELLER AGREE TO TERMS. After a vehicle transaction is initiated, all parties agree on the terms of the transaction, including shipping fees and inspection periods.

2. BUYER PAYS ESCROW.COM. After the Buyer submits a payment, Escrow.com will verify the payment, and the Seller is notified that funds have been secured.

3. SELLER SHIPS THE VEHICLE TO BUYER. Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to send the car via the agreed shipping method. The Seller submits the tracking information to Escrow.com who verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle.

4. BUYER ACCEPTS THE VEHICLE. When the Buyer receives the vehicle, they have a number of days equal to the agreed-upon inspection period to inspect the vehicle. If the vehicle meets the needed standard, the Buyer informs Escrow.com they have “accepted” the car.

5. ESCROW.COM PAYS THE SELLER. Escrow.com releases the funds to the Seller and the transaction is complete

ADDITIONAL SERVICES To make your vehicle sale even easier, we offer additional Vehicle Services, such as Lien Payoff, Swap a Lease, Title Collection, and more.

CONTACT US If you have any additional questions call us at 888-511-8600 or email us at [email protected].