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1965 Chevrolet Corvette 5-Speed

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1965 Chevrolet Corvette 5-Speed

Current Bid: $50,000 (USD) by: BTeun

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Paso Robles, California


18,000 (Mi)

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327ci V8


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Vehicle Story

This 1965 Corvette underwent a ground-up restoration less than four years ago and is powered by a 327ci/350hp V8 paired with a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. Features include Vintage air conditioning and heat, and side pipes. This C2 is finished in red over black and is offered with documentation of the restoration and a clear Montana title.

A professional red repaint was applied at the time of the restoration approximately four years ago, and new upgraded chrome door handles, hood latches, and hinges were affixed. All glass was replaced with new pieces and free of chips or cracks, and the power antennae and headlights are in working order.

Factory correct Rallye wheels with beauty rings are wrapped in redline tires, and handling is managed by power steering and power disc brakes on all four corners. 

The all-black interior is complemented by a wood grain 3-spoke steering wheel, a restored dash and gauges, and a new shifter that has been modified to a factory look. The seller reports that the refurbishment of the interior consumed over 300 hours.

Modern conveniences include heat and air conditioning from Vintage Air, a working clock, and a Custom Auto Sound stereo system.

Power comes from a 327/350 V8 with an aluminum radiator and electric fan conversion, and it is mated to a Tremec Silver Sport 5-speed manual transmission with a Lakewood bell housing. Additional upgrades include a transmission cross member removal kit, a new driveshaft, lightweight flywheel, and new U-joints for improved drivability, reduced engine bogging, and a lower cruising RPM.

The exhaust system is equipped with factory style side pipes and covers.

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Comments & Questions

April 06, 2021
03:22 PM

Just to comment on one of the photo's showing the top up close from the passenger side. There are what looks like scratches or chip in the paint? They are not. Simply reflections of objects in the area it was taken. There are NO flaws, runs, chips or otherwise. Corvettes being fiberglass , and because it can flex when the car is in motion, its nut unusual to find STRESS cracks in certain places that are the most vulnerable, like edges, or inside the louvers on the side of the top. This car has ZE RO. All chrome was redone as well.

April 06, 2021
02:56 PM

I also have a correct 1965 Rochester FI setup, rebuilt by Johns Fuel Injection and detailed like the negine. Polished aluminum, chrome distributor, fuel filter plus all lines and a custom air cleaner, also polished. In addition I have 2 NOS F.I. Fender badges in the box. This is available to the buyer after the sale is completed. Value: 10-15K. Price will depend on how the sale pans out. Please ignore the background features. This is NOT my shop trust me.

April 06, 2021
12:13 PM

Not shown is the NEW shift pattern placard on the console. It portrays the new 5 SPEED shift pattern and makes it all look OEM. Also wanted to mention there is no spare tire mount behind the rear end. The underneath photo shows it. They are available through Corvette Parts houses if desired. And also the condition of the undercarriage which all looks just like the area shown in that photo. The original Jack is included in its mounting point behind the drivers seat.

April 06, 2021
12:02 PM

@Bengal – So if the custom autosound stereo isn't installed is it still the stock radio in the dash? Did you install any additional speakers as well? It would be helpful to get some more interior detail shots to get a better picture of the overall condition, thanks ...

Stock wonder bar installed and works as new, as does the clock. Custom Auto Sound stereo upgrade is in the box and includes their speaker array which mounts in the extreme aft end of the cargo compartment and has 6 speakers. Als included are Ecklers kick panels configured to mount speakers in. Those speakers not included. It doesnt take many photos to display the interior of such a small vehicle. There are NO issues in any case. The interior like the rest of the car is like new in every respect. The only issue I had when I got it was the drivers seat slide mechanism was challenged. Not sure why, and ive never seen it before. We removed it and completely rebuilt the slides and hinges to better then new. The RH seat had no issues. Thanks

April 06, 2021
11:53 AM

We did the Tremec upgrade a year ago and its the best performance and driveability upgrade you can make. These car some with a solid trans cross member that makes removing and reinstalling the trans a nasty job. Tremec supplies a kit to make it removeable. Making Transmisson removal a breeze. Another factor with these cars is floorboard sagging. Fiberglass floorboards can and do begin to sag as they age. Silver Sport addresses this problem by providing 'what they call Hockey pucks. Small rubber pads bonded to steel plates that you install between the floorboards and crossmember to stop or prevent the floors from sagging. With the 5 speed you dont have to modify the tunnel as with the 6. The 6 speed is overkill. With the 5 your down to 1800 RPMS at 65 MPH instead of 3200 with the Muncie. With side pipes you cant hear yourself think at that level. The 5th gear completely changes this. I also bought and installed the quietest of the 3 pipes available. There are How To videos we made an posted on Utube. Search Silver Sport 5 speed Tremec conversion or under my name Tom Leatherwood to view. I also installed a 19 lb Ram flywheel and new Ram clutch. Silver Sport provided a new disc compatible to their input shaft splines. Shifts are short and tight. The stick a little taller then stock.

April 06, 2021
11:39 AM

@CaliforniaPaul – I see Montana Title and I see Paso, I have a home in Cambria and a brother in Montana. Just curious about shipping/delivery. Thank you, P ...

Well, sounds like your covered at both ends. Not sure what your question is re: shipping/delivery? There are many transportation companies out there. And I believe there's a "bulletin board" online site to post a pick up ad on and get bids from various companies. I would certainly want it in an enclosed carrier. Im just a hobbiest so I dont have a specific recommedation for you. Transport is up to the buyer. If you have someone you want to have inspect the car that is perfectly fine. In fact Id encourage it. The ad does NOT do this car justice. The body work and paint finish have no peer. And it needs to be driven to REALLY appreciate the performance upgrades. The Tremec makes it a totally new animal. I've been a classic and performance car enthusiast since the early 60s and have had a few Corvettes. Thanks

April 06, 2021
10:32 AM

I see Montana Title and I see Paso, I have a home in Cambria and a brother in Montana. Just curious about shipping/delivery. Thank you, P

April 06, 2021
09:39 AM

So if the custom autosound stereo isn't installed is it still the stock radio in the dash? Did you install any additional speakers as well? It would be helpful to get some more interior detail shots to get a better picture of the overall condition, thanks

April 06, 2021
09:24 AM

Also want to point out that the stock exhaust manifolds have been cermichromed. And all engine shielding is installed. Expansion tank polished.

April 06, 2021
09:22 AM

I need to point out an error in the listing. This site likes to rewrite OUR text. The mention of a Custom stereo did not address that its a "Custom Auto sound" unit and is in the box not installed. Also has a rear speaker array and kick panels that are provisioned for 5" speakers inch speakers. All included in price. A 1965 Rochester Fuel Injection unit complete, rebuilt and show finished is available to purchase (offers) once sale has ended. Includes NOS FI fender badges. The mention of newly chromed items doesnt cover it. Many items not normally chromed include hood hinges and latches, swing pedals arms, door latches and hinges. They also mentioned that 300 hrs went into the interior. 300 hrs was spent on the instrument panel alone, including rebuilding the clock and wonder bar radio which both work as new. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I built this to win shows AND drive better then GM ever imagined.

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