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1970 Ford Thunderbird Landau

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1970 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Winning Bid: $7,900 (USD) by: Kbird

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Columbus, Indiana


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Vehicle Story

This 1970 Ford Thunderbird Landau sedan has been with the seller for 21 years, was purchased used by his father in July 1973 and was the recipient of a full restoration completed in 2002. Power is produced by the rebuilt original 429ci V8 and shifted automatically by way of a "SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic” 3-speed transmission. Standard and optional equipment consist of power steering, power brakes, dual exhaust, power windows, electric locks, and air conditioning. Recent updates commissioned by the seller include a new brown vinyl top and new carpeting. This fifth-generation "Glamour Bird" is offered with the original window sticker, a VIN verification from Ford, various new and NOS parts, and a clear Indiana title in the seller's name.

Yellow paint and a brown vinyl landau top complete the exterior finish on top of Ford’s updated 1970 styling. most recognized by the lower, elongated body, protruding "beak-style" grille, and suicide doors. A few minor cosmetic flaws detailed by the seller include a 1/8" paint chip by the door handle, a windshield ding, and three missing chrome pieces.

Standard finned aluminum wheels with Thunderbird insignia are fitted with black-walled tires, and the car is factory-equipped with power steering and power brakes with front discs and rear drums.  

The interior is finished in tan and gold with refreshed carpet, quilted vinyl upholstery over the split front and rear bench seats, and a vinyl dash. Interior equipment includes overhead convenience check group, tilt steering, electric clock, and power windows which are currently functional on the driver's side only. A brown and gold speckled OE replacement dash is offered with the sale, as well as the original air conditioning components and some replacement rubber door seals.

Instrumentation is housed in woodgrain behind a matching 3-spoke steering wheel with a 120-mph speedometer, gauges for fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage, and wiper speed, and a clock. The odometer shows approximately 140k miles, which the seller asserts is accurate. 

Power is delivered by a refreshed 429ci V8, which was bored to 0.20" during the overhaul twenty years ago, and it is paired with an automatic “SelectShift Cruise- O-Matic 3-speed transmission and open differential with 2.80:1 gearing. The seller reports 10.5:1 compression on premium unleaded fuel and indicates that approximately 2k miles have been driven since the work was performed.

The undercarriage is coated in a clean black finish and fitted with a new dual exhaust system.   

The original window sticker showing an MSRP of $6,591.50, a VIN verification from Ford, and various new and NOS parts will go with the car.


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Comments & Questions

May 07, 2021
06:09 AM

Kbird, We did a complete overhaul on the engine and Transmission. I am selling the car as I don’t have the space and I want it to find a good home to someone who loves this vintage of cars because they just aren’t around anymore. You will get many looks driving through town! Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks for your interest.

May 07, 2021
05:50 AM

Couple more quick questions. You mention this engine "refresh". What was the extent of the work done on the engine to "refresh"? Also, just curious, why are you selling the vehicle?

May 06, 2021
03:52 AM

Hi Kbird, The windows still have the motors in them so the windows won’t drop during transport travel. I have some replacement motors to give with the car. The AC is not connected but have the parts. I have a never used AC compressor but it’s R12 compatible so not sure if you can get the refrigerant now. In have the cooler and lines but they need to be installed. The windshield wipers were not shown on the video but have installed them. All the gauges work. One on the turn signal indicators has a short. The turn signals work. The overhead display in the ceiling has the belt light working but not sure about the others. I never run low on gas for instance. The horn stopped working recently and not sure why. The horn is in the rim of the steering wheel. As you will see the arm rests particularly in the front driver side and front passenger side need reconditioned. The engine refresh includes around 500 mile of interstate driving up to 70 mph. Roughly 500 miles is state route driving at 55 and the rest is driving in town at 30-35. Let me know if you have further questions.

May 06, 2021
03:39 AM

Hi DannnyInNJ, thanks for your comments. This indeed was an interesting period in the car industry. These vintage T-Birds were the muscle car with luxury. The nose on this bird is in excellent shape. The total number of 1970’s built was 50,364 starting in September 1969. This bird was built on Dec 9, 1969 from Los Angeles assembly plant. 8,401 of the 50,364 were 4-door Landau. Otherwise they were 2-door.

May 05, 2021
11:20 PM

Hi! Nice looking vehicle. You mentioned the power windows only work on driver's side. But the video and pictures show the passenger front window is partially down. Is it like that permanently? At least until the window lift motors can be replaced. Can it be raised and secured enough for transport and to lock & secure the vehicle? Also, does the A/C and all gauges function? Any other known mechanical issues to address? And, what was the extent of the engine "refresh" 2,000 miles ago? Thanks!

May 05, 2021
10:31 AM

There is a chrome piece that extends on the hood up by the windshield. I have the pieces but the are pitted and dented. Maybe someone can restore them. I just haven’t looked into. I have spare parts too that will be included. Thank you.

May 05, 2021
09:44 AM

I see two around the tail lights. What's the third missing trim piece?

May 02, 2021
09:47 AM

Ford's last great "muscle car" V8. The 'Bird was too heavy for showing it off but it could still jump to it pretty quick. 360HP BUT almost 500 ft-lb of torque! Wonder if they used stock pistons/rods when they did the overbore or if she got something with even more juice. I notice they said "refresh", which sounds pretty tame. One of Ford's first “Bunkie” Knudsen cars, and sporting his famous "beak" in place of the hide-a-away grill of the preceding version of the model, giving it a Pontiac look Bunkie developed over at GM. Also gave body shops a lot of work, as they were a trouble spot, but this one looks just fine. Still love those suicide doors, even if 4 doors were rare on Thunderbirds. This 5th-gen was the only one that got them. I also remember Ford refusing to put idiot lights in the car; they felt gauges were still better for a car with this kind of muscle even if it screamed luxury far louder than quarter-mile times. Nice examples of this version of the 'Bird are rare and this once looks terrific, needing a few odds n' ends certainly but very nice indeed. Wish I had the garage space!

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